Explainer Videos 101

A Non ChatGPT Guide to Improving Your Marketing Strategy

Your jedi marketing powers sense something is missing in your online arsenal. An explainer video - shiny, effective and concise. Made to stand guard on your website, ready to educate potential customers as they bear witness to the dawning of your wonderful new project. 

So you search for advice and discover a thousand articles written by ChatGPT, which unhelpfully state something along these lines: “Explainer videos are a popular and effective tool for businesses to use in their marketing strategies." This isn’t wrong, but an equivalent might be; “Rockets are an essential part of space travel and are an effective tool for astronauts wanting to travel to the moon.“ It’s empty content that doesn’t help you get to where you need to be. Unless of course, you’re a 5 year old wannabe astronaut just starting out. 

Now, you might be asking: 

“So, you’ve made a lot of explainer videos, and you’re not a robot, so how can we best use this explainer video that we’ve taken such pains to produce?”

3 ways you can use this video as part of your overall marketing strategy

1) Put it on the hero section of your website

Get potential customers geared up and better qualified to hit your CTA. Whether that’s booking a demo, booking a call or joining a mailing list. Simply put, a 60-90 second video is better than asking someone to read a bunch of text that they aren’t already invested in. 

2) Use it for investment pitches, conferences, and webinars 

Have it prepped on your smartphone, ipad or whatever future tech provides a screen, so that you’re armed to the teeth in situations where you might meet useful contacts. Don’t bore them with your background, which will almost certainly mingle with your current mood. Remove yourself from the picture, save everyone some time and look like the professional you mean to be. Explain what you do in 60 seconds or less – anywhere you are. 

3) Pin it to the top of your social media pages 

The first thing you want people to know is how you can help them specifically. If you’ve made a good explainer video and haven’t skimped on production, it should perform this task with great efficacy. Use it to shout your message from the rooftops, while also making your social media page just that little bit more interesting. 

There are also other ways to use an explainer video, like internal training, recruitment, and email campaigns. You could print out each scene and put them in sequential order on the walls of your office corridor to really drive your message… You can do whatever you heart desires… 

But ultimately it’s about breaking down a complex idea - your business - into a 60-90 second video that your target audience can connect with and understand. It’s about saving them time and asking as little of them as possible, as they’re already overworked, stressed and icy, icy cold.

That’s my advice - less robotic nonsense, more human character.